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Mitchell Law Office, P.C. serves Southern Illinois companies with professional, experienced legal counsel.  Below, please find some of the companies satisfied with Mitchell Law Office's level of service:       

  • Auto Credit of Southern Illinois
  • Bakery Trading Co.
  • Egyptian Board of Realtors, Inc.
  • Elmer Carroll Trust
  • Gateway Co-Packing Company
  • Illinois Exploration LLC
  • Independent Boat Builders, Inc. (IBBI)
  • Ingredient Exchange Company
  • J. Raymond Trust
  • John R. & Eleanor R. Mitchell Foundation
  • Lampley Oil
  • Leeck Family Farm, LLC
  • Mid-Central Production Corporation
  • Mt. Vernon City Schools District 80
  • Ray Black & Sons Construction, Inc.
  • Stewart Producers, Inc.
  • T.O. Logsdon Farms, Inc.

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