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A. Ben Mitchell is one of the few attorneys in Southern Illinois with experience in this specialized area of law.

Serving landowners and producers

With more than 50 years in the oil industry, A. Ben Mitchell provides representation in all aspects of oil and gas natural resource laws.  Raised in an oil and gas family, he has encountered all aspects of this industry from an early age.  Since commencing the practice of law in 1966, he has experienced the volatility of the industry, including:

  • Securities
  • Joint venture contracts
  • Leasing
  • Title examination
  • Drilling
  • Production
  • Creditor liens
  • Sales/purchase of producing properties
  • Plugging of wells

A. Ben Mitchell is one of a very few who represent landowners as well as oil producers, and appreciates the positions and concerns of all involved.  He has and does personally have active oil interests.

Being an office with a single lawyer, conflict of interest seldom exists, whether among competing oil producers or farmer and producer.  It is extremely difficult to represent conflicting interests, and often clients who consent to such a situation do not understand the impact. 

The representation includes negotiation on all aspects, from leases through sales and/or plugging, with litigation where satisfactory resolution cannot otherwise be accomplished.

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